The process of theme template selection for AdSense Blog


When it comes to select a website theme or template for your blog then you must get the one which is a highly optimized template for AdSense blog. It is because AdSense optimization is one of the best ways to enhance your click-through rate with ease because in this kind of website theme or template little details are engineered in a perfect way which can make a huge difference with ease. Most of the companies are working harder to create to deliver such themes or templates which can be perfectly optimized to boost your click-through rate in the best possible way. In such kind of themes advertisements must be there but not obnoxiously and the content will not be hidden you can say the content still be king.

How to get an appropriate theme for the AdSense blog?

Here are the steps which you can follow to select the best theme for your blog with ease.

  1. Consider the features which you want to have: first of all, when you have to select a theme you must understand the features which you want to have in the theme or template for your blog. Make a proper list of these features. To understand which features you want to have it would be better to explore the blogs of different niche and look closely to your competitors to get a better idea with ease.
  2. Select a theme according to your blog niche: if you have a niche blogs then this is the best to adopt the theme according to the niche you are working on. This can help you a lot to manage your blogs in a perfect way with ease. There are plenty of niche specific themes are available from which you can get the best according to your blog types.
  3. Make a perfect room for advertisements: for AdSense blogs, this is the most important step to do. When you have to think about the placement of ads on your website then it is the perfect option to go with the places where your content is not going to be disturb. The most common and best places to specify for AdSense advertisements are a rectangular banner, a horizontal banner along the sides of your content, some place at the end of your blog post etc. Keep the ads places in an appropriate way so that your reader would not be irritated.
  4. Select color and font for your template: when it comes to the selection of your template’s color then keep in mind that you must go with a decent selection. The multicolored template is never going to look much attractive. At the same time select the font which is easy to read and understand for your audience. Otherwise, your audience can be distracted with ease.
  5. Ask for easy customization options: well, if you have hired a developer for your template development or getting a premier theme for your website never forget to ask about easy to customize options. So that you can customize it by yourself at the time of need with ease.
  6. Once you have done, test your theme thoroughly: once you have gotten your theme do not forget to test its proper working for betterment.

Things to consider while selecting a perfect template for your AdSense blog

Do you want to know the ways how you to select a perfect theme for your AdSense Blog? Here are some things which you must consider in this regard.

  1. Strike with a perfect balance when it comes to an AdSense optimized theme. Because you have to select the one in which your ads are never going to disturb your content.
  2. To pick a responsive theme is very important. Responsiveness in your blog themes is the most important need of the present time. You must select a mobile-friendly and screen adoptable theme because most of the people are exploring the internet with mobile devices currently.
  3. Select a theme with deeply customizable opportunities so that you can customize it to fulfill your needs with ease.
  4. Select a neat theme with practical header and bar options. Do not get a theme which gives a mixed look. To get a proper a perfect look you need to have a theme with proper sections.
  5. Prefer a professionally designed theme to ensure the proper working of your theme. If you want to integrate transaction option then it is highly recommended to go with a premium theme for safety.
  6. Make strategic room for your advertisements so that these can be displayed on your website in a proper way and do not irritate your reader by hiding or disturbing the content.
  7. Your template must have specified places for advertisement display. Most of the time when it comes to ad display on a blog, people do not set a perfect place. For you, it is highly recommended to select the side panels (left, right, header or bottom) of your blog page to display ads and keep your content in the middle of the page for better display.
  8. Do not select a complex design for your blog theme or template. Select an easy to use and easy to navigate design which your audience can use with ease. An easy to understand template design is highly recommended to increase audience on your blog.

Final Words

AdSense is still one of the easiest and most common ways to monetize your blog site or any other website in the best possible way. Most of the blog sites, magazine sites, niche sites forums, and news websites are getting benefit from the AdSense and creating enough passive income every month. The major reason behind this is that setting up AdSense advertisements do not require much technical knowledge. Google AdSense is the top network which is best paying CPC/PPC network around the digital world. Anyone who is going to start an online career and wants to monetize his or her website can get a better start with a Google AdSense account.



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