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Last updated on 26 Dec 2018

MonsterMegs is a web hosting company that’s been around since 2010. Although they’ve been in business for quite a while now, I haven’t seen many reviews about them. I didn’t really know what to expect when I signed up last October. Turns out they’re one of the better hosts out there and I’m definitely happy with the level of service I’m getting!

Great Speed, Awesome Uptime

Everyone wants their site to load as fast as possible. Host your site with MonsterMegs and you can expect it to have a pretty remarkable loading speed. I’ve seen better elsewhere but all in all I’m happy with the load time of my site hosted on MonsterMegs.

Check out this Pingdom speed test result of my site hosted on one of MonsterMegs’ Phoenix servers:


Site on MonsterMegs (Datacenter in Phoenix, AZ)

1.20s load time for a 520kB page. Pretty good; I have no complaints.

Here’s the Pingdom test result of the same exact site hosted with another shared hosting provider. The server location is also Phoenix, AZ:

Site on Stablehost (Datacenter in Phoenix, AZ)

1.20s vs 1.65s. Not much of a difference but MonsterMegs wins this one!

As far as uptime is concerned, MonsterMegs has certainly delivered. They guarantee a 99.9% uptime but they’ve always exceeded this. I’ve been with them for months now and I’ve yet to experience a downtime! They’re doing a great job in this aspect and I hope this level of reliability continues for many more months.

Professional Support Staff

MonsterMegs’ staff are commendable in every respect. They respond fast — usually within half an hour — and they get things done quickly.

I haven’t really had problems with the service so I can’t tell you much about how they handle specific issues. The biggest “issue” I had was I couldn’t login to cPanel, and my concern was addressed promptly and in detail. I could only imagine them showing the same level of professionalism when it comes to other concerns.

One thing I’d like to note: they have live chat but it seems no one’s ever online. Not that live chat is really required, especially when tickets are answered in just 30 minutes to 1 hour!

Outstanding Service is Worth the Premium Price

MonsterMegs’ hosting plans start at $6.95 per month ($5.95 per month if prepaid for 1 year) and this alone could be a turn off for some.

The average web hosting client is used to spending less than $5/month on hosting thanks largely to kiddie hosts and cheap “unlimited everything” companies such as HostGator! But what most people don’t realize is that quality comes with a price, and having experienced MonsterMegs’ service first-hand, I can say $5.95 a month is actually a bargain.

MonsterMegs may be a bit more expensive than your usual $3.95 a month host, but trust me when I say they’re well worth the money. Spend a few extra dollars a month and you can save yourself from headaches brought about by web hosts with overloaded servers and deplorable support.

Final Verdict

MonsterMegs is a no-nonsense host. The staff are knowledgable and professional. Their service is rock-solid and very reliable; in fact I’ve yet to experience a single downtime! Although their rates aren’t the most attractive, I can say their service is worth the premium.

If you’re serious about your website, you should highly consider MonsterMegs. They’re a great company run by respectable professionals. They are able to provide a service that’s not plagued with issues, and they’re able to fulfill their promises and guarantees. In short, they offer hosting that just works, and isn’t that just what we all need?

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