Making an Audit report of your competitors Websites information such as backlinks keywords rankings products etc. to know what to better


For Making an Audit report of your competitor’s Websites some tasks are essential to perform like one must do backlink, check the raking of the products and use of several keywords in content.  We have researched well and gather meaningful information for you to tell you which technique shows better results. Anyone who has the experience to do SEO of the website should know, rank checking is very important in SEO. On the other hand, if we talk about the keyword research and backlink, these are considered as the smaller parts of the SEO optimization tasks as compared to rank checking.

What things are important to add during the audit report?

In the SEO audit report, you must try to focus on two things:

  1. You must make your client familiar with the tasks that you are going to perform
  2. You must try to educate your client if he doesn’t have enough knowledge of SEO optimization

You should guide the client about each and every factor and tell him why it is important. You must inform him about the action plan if the particular problem will occur during search optimization

Why making the Audit report of your competitor’s Websites is important?

Whenever you are working with the new SEO client, the first task to perform is making an audit report on the website of the competitor. By creating the audit report, you will be able to know the current state of the client’s website. By knowing the current state, you will be better able to know what is the current situation of the performance and the improvement of a particular website. The audit report will help you to know either the client is succeeding or failing. You will also get informed if the client is making mistakes.

After judging the current performance of the client’s website, we suggest you make the client-facing document. This document can help you a lot to know what the real problem is and how you can fix it efficiently. Another task that is important is the choice of the audit report template. Choose the template that will help you to collect the relevant information. Creating the appropriate SEO report can help you to create an effective relationship between you and your client.

Audit reporting of the website may contain the following tasks to perform and in our opinion, all of them have their own importance and are important to perform whenever you want to perform the audit reporting of the competitor’s website.

Backlink audit

Backlink audit plays a vital role in defending your site and provides you the backlink analysis in the best possible way. There are a lot of tools that you can get online to perform the backlink audit of the website of the client. These tools are very useful to depict which backlinks are valid and which are unnatural and artificial. These tools will check the entire website of the client, and also the URL. Toxic backlinks can harm the performance of your website and the performance of your website may also affect negatively due to such backlinks. Always try to use the valid backlinks that can enhance the performance of a particular website in a search engine. Through using the backlink audit tools, you can check the quality of your entire website. When the quality of the website will increase, the traffic on the site will increase and the chances of increasing the selling rate will also increase.

Keyword optimization

You must create the on-page keyword audit. For this purpose, you can also find tools that can make your task easy. If you have already used a particular keyword in your content, such tools will also identify. In such tools, you must place the link which you want to optimize. If you have the list of the landing pages, must select the one from the list. At these tools, you can also get some additional information about the keyword audit that will help you a lot to do keyword optimization if you are new to this field.

If you don’t want to select the URL from the defined list or want to optimize some other keyword, place the link in the field to do the keyword optimization. After that, you must select the keyword that you want to work well during the campaign. After selecting the language, you must click on search. By clicking on it, keyword optimization process will complete and you will get the list of keywords that are appropriate to use in your entire content.

Ranking of content

There are a lot of things that you must consider if you want to keep your website at a higher rank, these things include:

  • Try to add more H1 and H2 headings in the entire content
  • Don’t forget to add the anchor text because it has a great influence on the ranking of a website
  • Try to use the Http encryptions if you want to keep your website at a higher rank
  • Interstitials pop-ups are important to add

If someone wants to keep his website at a higher rank in the search engine, he must add all these things to make the website attractive to look by the visitors.

Which one technique is better?

Rank checking is the most essential and difficult task to perform during the search engine optimization because, in this task, you should examine well how your website is performing in search. This task is difficult because you have noticed that the performance of your website will continue to change and you have to keep on an on the performance to estimate the performance of your website in the search engine.

If someone wants to know how their competitors are ranking, rank checking can also play a vital role in this regard. There is a number of rank checking tools that you can find online, we only suggest you to must choose the right one.

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