Liquid Web Hosting WordPress Install Guide


What is Hosting?

To make your online presence work and manage your online contents, you need two things. One is space and the other one is the server. Space you need to add contents and other things in your website because whatever you are uploading is getting stored somewhere. Secondly, you need a server that allows your website to run over the internet in a speedy way and won’t get down. There are many companies that offer hosting services. They charge you different prices on monthly, quarterly, or per annum basis mainly depending upon the package you take. These hosting companies offer you a unique address that ends with .com, .PK, .UK, or .GOV etc. This unique name is the address of your online presence. Along with this, you need powerful server that offers enough space and speed to make your website run and work faster without a pause and taking less time in browsing. However, a website needs a lot more and with Liquid Web Hosting you can have it all.

What is Liquid Web Hosting?

Liquid web hosting is one of the top-notch hosting service providers in the world offering all the services that you will require on the way of managing your WordPress website. Not only this, they have got customized solutions and dedicated servers for freelancers, agencies, business owners, and resellers because everyone has different requirements on the website. Being a freelancer, you are an individual and mostly require to upload content related to work to grab customers while as an agency you would need more storage space and the fastest server because you are having big volumes of data online. So, dedicated services are offered according to the nature of the website.

Some More Perks Of Liquid Web Hosting Are:

If you are searching for a fruitful hosting service for your woo-commerce or e-commerce business, then liquid web hosting has it all. It offers:

Support Via Humans Than Robots:

What happens mostly, web hosting companies have installed some automatic themes to generate auto customer replies. If you call them, an answering machine is always speaking to leave your message and in case of contacting their helpdesk, you find no line free. Contrary to this, Liquid Web Hosting offers dynamic customer support powered by humans. You get:

  • Via call response in less than a minute guaranteed.
  • Via chat response in less than a minute guaranteed.
  • Via help desk less than an hour response guaranteed.

Dedicated Support For WordPress Projects:

Sometimes, web hosting companies offer you a very limited number of pages to manage and if you want to have more, you will have to pay extra. However, with Liquid Web Hosting they don’t charge you extra for everything rather than they have an average price in which you get;

  • Create as many pages as you want
  • You can update plugins easily without a problem
  • Add as many pages or websites as you want

User-Friendly Interface that’s Cozy to See:

There are dedicated buttons available in the background. by clicking it, you get everything at one place such as a list of plugins you are using, updated or outdated plugins, automatic or manual plugin settings and much more. Hence, you are able to;

  • Easy to manage your website and check whatever you want without a problem.
  • Theme update settings and scenarios
  • You can manually update plugins

Easy to manage and edit contents on WordPress with Liquid Web Hosting:

You don’t get such handy tools in any other hosting service as you get with Liquid Web Hosting. You can compress, delete, or upload things just with one click, remaining on one page and without scrolling through settings.

  • Compress jpeg to png images for free
  • Dedicated button to manage graphic content
  • Optimize memory with just one click

*These are all paid services however Liquid Web Hosting pays for it and never ask for charges for you.

No Extra Cost for Adding Anything:

You can add as many pages as you want in the Cpanel of your WordPress powered by liquid web hosting. There are no extra charges for that at all.

  • Add multiple websites
  • Add multiple pages
  • Manage everything in one place.

Hosting How to Install WordPress:

Now if you are convinced and want to add liquid web hosting on your WordPress website please follow this step by step process of adding liquid web hosting into Cpanel.

  1. Go to
  1. Remember the whole process would take just a few minutes.Now it is time that you log in to your account. On the main page of the website in the upper left corner, you will find “CUSTOMER LOGIN” option, now it is time that you click it.
  2. A window will pop up requiring user name and password along with some boxes with each. Now it sits time that you add your login ID and password on the dedicated places.
  3. In case you have forgotten the password. You can simply recover it by clicking on the “forgot password” option.
  4. Once password and ID is typed right, now it is time to click “login” that you are seeing in the blue color of the login page.
  5. After you log in, the page will be reloaded one more time and now you are sent automatically to your “Manage WordPress portal”. There you can manage all of your sites. If you have not added a site yet or you are new to the portal, it is time that you add your website. to add the site, you need to fill the form requiring your site nickname ( it can be anything) and email attached to that website.
  6. After adding details, click on the “add my first site button”.
  7. The automatic installation will be started. You got to stick around while the site is being added.
  8. Once the site is added you will get an email notification. (make sure you add a working email while adding website nick. In the email, you will also find the login information. Including
    • URL
    • User name
    • Password
  9. Your site is ready, you can start working.

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