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Last updated on 28 Dec 2018

Just like hosting in real life, web hosting is a service that enables people to make an online presence of themselves, their services, or their products. How does a web hosting company do so? Well, to make an online presence, you need a server. A server is an online storage that saves or maintains the data you have online.  This server is connected to a data center that offers numerous data storage packages to the users. A user can select the package according to its needs. There are many companies with their own servers and data centers offer hosting services and Justhost Hosting is one of them. What type of service Justhost Hosting can provide you, lets read in the given below honest review.

JustHost Hosting – What It Entails For You?

Well, this is the only web hosting that offers free domain name registration to its novice clients. If you don’t know what domain name is, it is the address of your server. Such as, you would have seen different websites ending at .com or .UK. This .com and .UK is the domain name. Usually, its price can be from some dollars to millions However by signing up with Justhost hosting, you will get a free domain. The company deals numerous domains and you can choose from the list. The company has got its own database, equipped with power generators and UPS that never let the server to get down. Moreover, they are using various sorts of securities to keep your precious data and information from hacking.

Moreover, when it comes to purchasing more supportive web hosting, their prices are so economical. They even offer you easy transfer of your web hosting from an outdated server to their latest servers equipped with cyber securities and unlimited space.  You will have all complete money back guarantee and in case you don’t find this web hosting suitable for your business or their work is not that up-to-the-mark that you require. You can simply get your money back. While searching online we may have found out that there are no occasions when clients took their money back because of being unsatisfied from their services. When we asked the owner when you have the best services, why are offering a money back guarantee? They explained that it just for the convenience of our novice clients who don’t know us yet. In this way, they can sign up with us with complete trust.

Services You Get at JustHost Hosting:

Justhost hosting offers numerous plans for opting to their services based on your budget. However, their most of services are free for the first time and once you are satisfied, they charge you then. Following are the different services you will get by signing up to any plan with Justhost hosting service:

Disk Storage:

A server will provide you enough disk storage where you can keep your online data and information. These storage hubs are confined by cybersecurity tools. Your complete data is safe here. Moreover, it is up to you how much storage space you need.

Numerous Websites Management:

It doesn’t matter how many websites you have, servers at Justhost hosting can manage them all with the security and enough storage space. However, it is not necessary that you sign-up with many websites, in fact, you can sign up from one to numerous websites.

Free Domain Name Registration:

In all packages, you will get free domain name registration. There are plenty of domains available including famous .com, .gov, .UK and .US domains. You can choose the one according to the nature of the product and service you have.

Many Free Tools and Services:

You will get many free tools and services with Justhost hosting such as free email support, unlimited accounts for email marketing, security services, and much more. Overall the packages offered by this hosting service look good.

E-commerce and Script of Website:

All with this, Justhost hosting offer scripts in different languages such as Drupal, Joomla, and Moodle etc. Including to this, you will get numerous e-commerce tools such as SSL Secure Server that keep your data save online and agora shopping cart to give the best shopping experience to your customers.

24×7 Customer Audio/Video/Email/Call Support:

Sometimes online websites lack customer service however, this platform has the best channels for customer support. They send you videos and audios related to your query solutions and you can call them anytime you require.

Free Website Builder:

JustHost Hosting has got free website builder tools and staff members. If you want to bring any change in the outer layout of your website, you can simply ask them to install the plugins and change the theme of your website. this service is available for free.

Best Pros of JustHost Hosting:

  1. Free Services
  2. Money Back Guarantee
  3. Dedicated Servers
  4. Cyber Security Tools
  5. A registered company with US Laws.

Some Cons of JustHost Hosting:

  1. Due to having numerous customers, you may get lines busy and connecting with the team may take time.
  2. Due to following a complete process, getting money back can be delayed from some weeks to a month.
  3. They offer affiliate services however reviews are not much positive regarding that.


Well, on the basis of the services JustHost Hosting provides, its pros, cons, and customer satisfaction rating and reviews; we can say that overall JustHost Hosting is a good hosting service that’s evolving with each passing day. They are using the latest tools and technologies to make their platform interactive for the users. People prefer this hosting much because of their money back guarantee, as they know they don’t have anything to lose. On the counterpart, some points they need to improve themselves at is their customer support, in order to make it more responsive than ever. Also, they need to improve tools for affiliate marketing because that’s mostly based on tools rather than humans. In short, it is a recommendable web hosting service, especially for small businesses that don’t have much to invest.

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