Is it safe to get the fake subscribers for YouTube Channel


YouTube is one of the most popular and reputed platforms to get content of any type according to someone’s interest. It offers a lot of material that not only help people with something informational but also a great source of entertainment.

All these contents are created and published by the ordinary people around us, and in return, they earn money from YouTube. They earn from the views, likes, shares and comment on their videos, but the most revenue offering source is the number of subscription because all the other terms depends upon the number of subscription.

There are lots of ways to get more subscription on your YouTube channel, and one of those that some of the people adopt is purchasing the fake subscription.

There is a vast range of platforms that facilitate YouTubers by offering them several subscriptions and charging them a particular amount. This thing is profoundly enhancing among the YouTubers, but the most significant question whose answer should be clear to every YouTuber before buying these subscribers is “Is it Safe to buy fake subscribers”?

Well, according to most of the recommendations, it is pretty clear that this is not safe for the growth of your YouTube channel. It offers a lot of disadvantages to your channel and your ranking as well.

So, here we are going to tell you some of the disadvantages of purchasing fake subscribers:

1.    They Are Not Real Users

Before buying fake YouTube subscribers, you should be clear about the fact that these subscriptions are not real. There are no real users that will subscribe to your channel. They are systematically programmed robots that push the subscription button on your channel.

Well, this is a considerable risk to take because the algorithm of YouTube can detect these artificial actions after some time. This thing will not prove better for your YouTube channel because once it is caught, your video will be banned, and if you try to do it again, your channel will be suspended.

Plus, you will not achieve the purpose of making your YouTube channel in this way. For most of the YouTubers, the goal of creating a channel is beyond making money like helping people by educating them or provide some useful content they want. In this way, the actual purpose will be dead because you cannot support or teach anything to a robot.

2.    They Cannot Provide Feedback

Fake subscribers cannot provide feedback to your YouTube channel or video. This thing is also quite familiar to the fact that most of the YouTubers want to get interacted with people and help them. If you have purchased some fake subscribers, there will be no interaction available with any human being because they don’t comment at all.

Additionally, you will not get to know about your content that it is good enough that people will like or not, because most of the subscribers are robots. This thing will not worth a lot because the actual interaction and feedbacks are only possible by a human being. That’s why getting fake subscribers is not a good idea.

3.    They will Affect your Business

According to the previous aspects, the fake subscribers are a considerable hazard to your business. Along with the content, you had created the channel for the earning purpose too. Without proper feedback and real interaction, your channel will not get much growth which is necessary to gain for the successful running. Your channel will not be able to offer you much revenue in this case even if you have managed your content correctly.

This thing happens because YouTube doesn’t focus on your videos. It monitors the activities on your channel and then promotes your channel. In the case of fake subscribers, YouTube will not find any proper activity on your channel for a long time, and your channel growth will be stopped. Also, if YouTube finds the absence of activities on the channel for a very long time, it will consider your subscriptions fail and suspend your channel forever.

That’s why the purchase of fake subscription is nothing but the hurt of your business.

4.    They are a Waste of Money

You may be familiar with the fact that the purchase of subscriptions is very much costly. The platforms charge a lot of money from you to offer you a bunch of subscriptions. Along with this fact, they contribute nothing to your channel but failure. Then why you should put on your investment over the source which eventually takes your channel to a complete failure. You must think that will any grocery store be making money and running successfully if he is selling products to fake customers. This is similar to this case. That’s why getting fake subscribers is a complete waste of money step to take.

5.    They are waste of Time

To create a YouTube channel and make a video, how much time do you spend? If you ever consider it, then you will realise that how much effort and time you are consuming to make your channel successful.

First, you choose a niche, then find keywords, then create quality content and Upload, and then promote it to your serval social media profiles. After all these things and efforts to do, will it be fair to take a step which ruins all these things? Well, it’ll not.

Purchasing fake subscriptions is similar to this thing. It ruins all your effort and time that you have put on your channel for a long time. It takes you to the point when you just started your YouTube channel. In this way, you will have nothing but only the waste of your time and business.


It is pretty clear that fake subscribers don’t offer any advantage to your channel. They are a considerable risk to your business. In this case, it will be an idiotic idea if you spend a handsome amount on purchasing them.

So, drop the idea of getting a fake subscription and try to invest over real subscription if you want to grow your channel and earn more money from your business.

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