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Last updated on 26 Dec 2018

For a long time, iPage has been doing incredible web hosting business with heaps of features and professional customer support. Presently, with numerous other hosting competitors, the organization needs to substantiate itself as a professional service provider for many customers consistently.

What is iPage?

iPage is a standout amongst the most renowned hosting organizations owned by IPowerWeb Inc. It is located in the USA and provides services to in excess of 150 nations all around the world. By and by the organization has professed to have more than 1.5 million domains and comprises of a working force with around 800 workers in six distinct locations internationally.

iPage is a perfect decision for beginners particularly new entrepreneurs, businessmen and bloggers as it offers reasonable hosting services. The most marvelous offer that iPage makes is ‘Anytime’ money back assurance. And furthermore, the organization offers a wide range of bonuses as well as freebies on the sign-up.

Pros of iPage hosting

There are numerous advantages of utilizing iPage and the prominent features are what everybody has to know. These days, numerous entrepreneurs and bloggers, particularly the beginners who get themselves a quiet ambivalent with regards to choose Linux hosting organization for their site. Each hosting organization has their own sets of advantages that influence them to outshine the rest and furthermore limitations of their own.

  1. Provides cheapest hosting services

When we contrasted diverse web hosting services and one another, there are numerous similarities between them. The vast majority of unlimited hosting services, webmail, a free domain name, full 24-hr customer support, with great quality of web hosting servers like 99% server uptime and North American based supports. It would, subsequently, be wiser to profit the service cheaply and invest the staying on different areas. Ipage provide cheapest hosting along with all these features that are provided by different hosting services.

  1. Professional website builder tools

It comes with auto-installer programming that gives you a chance to install many open source applications. For instance, you could install Joomla, WordPress, or some other application. What’s more, even, you can install web based business programming like OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop, and others.

  1. A Green web hosting provider

Most the individuals are environmentally challenged thus they will be happy to know that iPage official site that its hosting operation is entirely controlled by the renewable energy source. iPage is a green web hosting service, they offer green energy badge since they’re the hosting provider that utilizes renewable energy to make data center working in a nature-friendly manner.

  1. Anytime Money Back Guarantee

A large portion of the web hosting organizations offer 30 to 45 days money back assurance while some additionally offer 90 days money back certification too. Be that as it may, iPage is outstanding for this situation. iPage offers Anytime Money back assurance, which the organization is fully devoted to encourages and win customers for business as they have made it amazingly simple to leave.

  1. Reliable Network Uptime

This is a fundamental area and a key determinant factor of performance for any web hosting organization. iPage offers 99.9% network uptime. During the experience of utilizing iPage, we never have seen any network downtime with the iPage services. In case that a downtime jumps out at any customer, they take help from the technical support employees.

  1. Customer support

The two prominent highlights of iPage’s customer support are powerful ticketing system and online help center. iPage guarantees that the customers have an exceptionally skilled technical staff to support them and clarify their issues through different methods. These mean comprises of live chat, phone calls, email, and the customers can utilize any of the way to look for support and clarify their doubts.

  1. Unlimited Hosting at Affordable Cost

You can appreciate unlimited hosting services of genuinely great quality at $4.50 every month. This unlimited package incorporates unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, unlimited emails, and significantly more. You can even save a greater amount of your budget in case that you choose to subscribe with iPage for at least 2 years.

Cons of iPage Hosting

Price of iPage is virtually unbeatable. They have a strong customer support service.

However, it has been found that stats of other performance do not meet the performance well. Let’s take a look:

  1. Expensive Renewal Costs

We all need to renew the web hosting package time to time. They offer some great promotional offers that force us to buy from them. But once you need to renew the package. Their costs jump up to 350%. This is not something we are estimating, but we have researched on this and the results proved this.

  1. Expensive Domain Names

You will read that they offer they are going to offer some great domain names with 30 day money back guarantee but that is not true. If you ask for the 30 day refund then they will cut a 15 dollar fee, although the domains usually cost around 10 dollars only.

  1. No cPanel

This might be sound strange to a lot of people. Almost all of the web hosting providers offer cPanel in their plans but iPage offers vDeck.

cPanel is preferred by the people because it is very much user friendly and easy to use. So, this is one of the disadvantages of using iPage as your web host.

  1. It’s Not Really “Unlimited”

Well the iPage claims to be offering unlimited resources to the customers. But if you read their policy and agreement, you will find that it is not so. They have a restriction on the resources that they offer and you should not fool yourself thinking that they offer unlimited resources.

Should you buy iPage?

Yes, we do recommend the iPage because of the low cost that they offer for the 3 years plan. They have great uptime and customer support too. But you should also keep in mind the expensive renewal costs. Moreover, if you are someone who prefers cPanel then iPage is not a great choice for you.

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