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Hosting is the service by which your website becomes able to be accessed by different people all around the world. Since it is obvious that every person wants to expand its business worldwide, that’s why they use the web techniques to get a worldwide approach. Publicizing the website is one of the best methods in this regard. In this way, they develop a website according to the nature of their business and offer different features over the website that help them to expand their business worldwide. But this thing is not possible to happen if all the data of the website is only accessible to their local resources. They must have storage space at any other place that should be accessible to anyone around the world. Well, this storage space where the data of a website is stored is called hosting.

There are lots of hosting providers available in the market that offer different hosting options to your from which you can choose according to your requirement. Well, one of the best among all the hosting provider is InMotion Hosting. This hosting provider offers the best WordPress hosting services to the customer that you will rarely find anywhere else.

Features of WordPress hosting offered by InMotion Hosting

since there are lots of hosting providers and type of hosting available but the best among all the hosting providers is InMotion hosting and the best hosting type is WordPress because it is more flexible hosting among all. Well, some of the WordPress hosting features offered by InMotion hosting are as follows:

1.     Clear Text Editor

In the event that you do a great deal of personal blog writing, you realize that occasionally a cluttered screen can be a diversion. Similarly, a writer needs a clear screen to load up with words. Sadly, the visual manager screen of WordPress is full of menu options and sidebars. But, on the off chance that you look through the majority of that clutters, you will see a button at the upper right corner. This button resembles an extending screen and can be utilized to clean up everything else instead of your real writing. By clicking a second time on the button, you can come back to the first screen with all of the options.

2.     Image Editor

Along with the feature of text editing, you can also edit images. Well, this will not give you the features of Photoshop or other professional editing tool but it allows you much more than just posting an image on your website page. For this purpose, you have to search for the Media menu and select Library. When you have done this, you can choose whichever image you want to put. When you select the image, a screen will be shown and you can click the “Edit Image” button. After clicking this button, you will get an approach to the tool that will give you a chance to crop your images and also resize them. Additionally, if you have an image that is sideways, you can flip it or rotate it in any direction you want.

3.     Theme Preview

There are a number of pre-made site themes on WordPress. Sometimes, it is difficult to figure out what they will look like from the little pictures and description on the site. So, instead of downloading the theme and then experience it perfectly, just click on Themes and choose the theme that you like. Here you will see a button saying “Live Preview”. Click on this button and have a complete view of the website.

How to Install WordPress on InMotion

If you want to install WordPress on InMotion but don’t know how to do this, then don’t worry, here we are going to describe the whole procedure of WordPress installation on InMotion step by step:

  1. First of all, you have to log in to your InMotion hosting account. If you don’t have an account, then you should have to create it first, otherwise, you will not be able to install WordPress on InMotion.
  2. After logging in to the InMotion account, you will see the Account Management Panel. There will be different options on this panel. You should have to click on the cPanel button which will be placed under the account name. By clicking on cPanel, you will automatically be logged into cPanel. You can also access the cPanel by typing “”. In this text, you have to write your actual domain name instead of “”.
  3. From all the options available in Account Management Panel, you have to click on Softaculous link which will be available in the software
  4. After clicking on the Softaculous link, you will get a page where different options will be available. From all those options, you have to click on the WordPress
  5. Then, you will get a screen where several text fields and options will appear. You will have to fill up all those options according to your desire and need, while there will be some information that you must have to provide, such as:
  • The domain that you want to install
  • The directory where you want to install. If you leave it blank, then it will install the setup on domain directly, but if you want to install in any subfolder of your website, then you have to give its proper path here.
  • Admin Username, password and email address for future usage
  1. After providing all the information, you have to click on the install button which will be placed that the bottom.
  2. Now, you will get a progress bar that will show the live progress of the setup installation. This will take a few You have to wait until the installation is completed.
  3. When the installation will be completed, you will get a page where all the useful information related to your installation will be available. You can copy that data for future usage.
  4. On this page, there will be a button saying “Return to Overview”. You can click on this button to see your WordPress installation in Current Installations list.

Well, follow all the above-described steps and have an easy WordPress installation on your InMotion hosting.

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