How to withdraw revenue from YouTube ad sense?


YouTube is providing you with a career that you can handle with your abilities and passion. Many you tubers are generated good money and set this medium as their career. It’s not easy to earn money from it because different steps and proper planning is necessary for that. You can say, somehow, there must be some of your luck that involved in it and with your hard work, you can get your target. Like another profession, YouTube is also offering you many opportunities to earn money. You can earn by different surveys on YouTube; you can get cash by maximising your subscribers and viewers. There is a lot more than you might don’t know. If you are running a successful channel, then it’s apparent that you are making good money. Every YouTube account has been attached with AdSense account. Because the money that you are earned is directly going to that account, but you can check the quantity of money in it. For withdrawal, there are other rules that you will know about further in this article.

Let’s check the ways to earn money and later, we will discuss how to withdraw revenue from YouTube AdSense?

1.     How do I earn revenue?

YouTube have few requirements that are necessary to full fill after that you will be eligible to earn revenue. Check these requirements.

  1. You should have to follow the YouTube Partner Program policies.
  2. You must be the citizen of the country in which the YouTube Partner Program is available.
  3. You should have more than four thousand public watch hours, and that should be completed in the last 12 months.
  4. You should have more than one thousand subscribers on your channel.
  5. You should have a linked with verified AdSense account.

Not all people use to come on YouTube for making money but if you are famous and have more than a thousand subscribers and views in thousands, you can also earn money, and it’s not a bad thing.

2.     How do I get paid?

After connected with YouTube, now it’s time to finalise all your payment issues. The AdSense account should give you all payments. To get your debts, you have to perform a few steps like; you have to Login to your AdSense account and make a clear way to get money. If you have some issues regarding your payment method, then make sure you clear them before payment.

After the account settlement, you will get money when it reaches its minimum level. Do not forget to check the terms and conditions.

3.     When do I get paid?

Concluded YouTube income for the previous month are added to your AdSense account balance between the tenth and fourteenth of the month and paid out that month if your all out parity has achieved the instalment limit and on the off chance that you have no instalment holds.

For instance, in case you’re situated in the United States and your parity surpasses $100 toward the finish of June, we’ll send you an instalment in July. These things might look very tough, but once you start dealing with that, you will be used to it.

4.     Here is the process to get your YouTube earnings

  1. Create an AdSense account over your YouTube account.
  2. If you have earned $100 or more than you can get paid only.
  3. Add your bank account to your AdSense account.
  4. You have verified your original address. This will takes almost six weeks. You will get a code from ad sense, and that will be delivered to you through the post.
  5. Usually, YouTube is release payment every month on 21st.

Moreover, you must have at least 100 $ then you can request for withdrawal; otherwise, your request will be rejected. The better way is to earn good money and wait until the vast amount shows on your AdSense account. Once you are satisfied with the amount, then you can request for withdrawal. There are also some charges that will cut from your account during payment. The website has its fees. Maybe bank transfer also charges a little money, but it’s a chance. I am not sure about your bank.

5.     How to transfer money to your bank account:

In some countries, you cannot withdraw money without transfer that specific amount to your bank account. You have to get the Pay Pal card, or you should have any bank account. Now, discuss the bank transfer steps. Follow these steps to get the money transferred to your bank account:

  1. First of all, Sign in to your Google AdSense account.
  2. Then Click on the settings tab.
  3. Select required Payments.
  4. You will see the screen from where you can exchange the cash.
  5. Follow the directions given on the screen to get the cash exchanged.

Note: You have to enlist your bank subtleties with YouTube. Once, you are connected for the withdrawal it might be able to take around a month or more for the withdrawal. You would get the sum straightforwardly into your bank. You will get the notification. The process of YouTube payment took so long because it comes from different sources and that sources took time for verification.

So, let the money added in your AdSense account and make it the same for a long time. When you see the amount reached to maximum level then request for withdrawal.

YouTube is an excellent platform to earn money, but you can’t expect more until you did work hard on it. For more viewers and subscribers, you need good and reliable content, use it to motivate others so, they can more relate with you. For a change, use your content in the other way and explore new things and add your audience with it. The live stream is the best feature, in which you can do QnA, talk with the live audience and answer to the questions, ask them about their demand and requirement.

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