How to use Facebook ads to promote shopify stores?


In the present Internet society, traffic is really lacking.

So no matter how good our shopify store design is, how great the product is, we don’t promote it, and people can’t see us.

Thus, active marketing becomes necessary.

Within this article, let’s talk to you about how to use Facebook advertisements to market shopify stores.

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1 Follow Facebook marketing rules

You must follow FB’s advertising rules. Some time ago, I also launched Page’s page rating function. If your webpage rating is quite low, then the advertisement may not let you pass.

Therefore, it’s been found that it is difficult to survive on FB in the future. Do not waste time and squander money on content that people won’t accept.

Generally speaking, the review time is 24 hours, but in many cases It Won’t be 24 hours…

Here are a few advertising messages which Facebook won’t take:

Before xx, photos after xx

By way of instance, I’m selling dietary supplements. I send some photos of clients before shedding weight and losing weight. This is not permitted.

Contains financial information

Comprises time limit information

By way of example, I want to maintain the heat of my post for some time, so I intentionally create a suspense, and say, after a few days, check my label to find the answer, this will not pass the review.

About medications
About Pot
Typo, also many grammatical mistakes
Mature supplies/services
Weapons, arms and explosive things
Sensitive or misleading information
When a user complains about your advertisement, even if it’s in the first phases of the advertisement, it will be re-examined or even eliminated. I recommend that you carefully examine their advertising policies before doing Facebook ads.

Specific policies, you can look in the following addresses and links:


Even a short ad can tell a small story. Everyone loves to listen to tales regardless of their age, and the narrative can help us remember things.

Thus, telling a story about a item can deepen people’s impression of the item.

One of the greatest stories to tell how to overcome a number of difficulties in order to succeed. Many films and TV shows are actually such subjects, but people who watch them are happy.

Therefore, advertising can also be used in this way. If a product is promoted, it may be stated that the hero is successful in relying on this particular item.

For example: Tide Laundry Liquid

naturally, advertising will have exaggerated elements but do not be overly exaggerated.

Speaking of the, incidentally, the excellent representative of shopify within our sector, phonebibi

Speech: Maybe after you start the address, you’ll be shocked by the price above, how can you be so high?

The significant point here is that a lot of the descriptions on this site really seem to be writing stories. I enjoy it a lot. Throughout the narrative, it is quite sensational, so users can easily be attracted. And this type of story is actually in line with several scenes which users usually encounter.

Using video variant

And not just are that the Facebook platform more like movie, however Facebook users also like it.

The data shows that over half of those users see videos on Facebook daily, daily. So the chances that they will stop watching the movie will probably be larger.

We can also use the video to reveal the physical map of our goods, such as:

  1. Content is appealing

A Lot of People do Facebook ads very simply, put the merchandise in a backdrop, take a movie, or Have a photo, but the consequence is that the advertising prices are spent, but did not attract the interest of several people .

To draw focus, it is necessary to make drama.

Locate the drama points that can be about the product. By way of instance, if you shake a lot of movies at this time, you will use this stunning effect, occasionally even exaggerated.

Everyone should have seen the ghost narrative, let me go, now I will let you know a ghost story:

There was a guy who quarreled with his girlfriend, and also the man cried and killed the woman. Later, he had been particularly concerned about the girl’s ghost coming to him. He was very scared. He discovered a Taoist to find a means for him.

Must be washed before 12 o’clock.

So that the man dug out the body of his girlfriend and took the clothes and washed them. However, no matter how washed or washed, men are particularly afraid, because time is coming shortly.

His girlfriend came in with blood and laughed.

Subsequently the female ghost requested his boyfriend:”Do you know why it is not clean?” The man said”Don’t understand”

The female ghost stated:”Because you did not utilize the carved washing powder~”
Next We’ll talk about business

  1. Yes, if you may have a reduction, you can save yourself money. The consumer won’t be polite.

In case your product is better, and there are discounts, others are going to stop to see your ads, and also the chances of entering your shop increases greatly. #5

  1. Facebook prefers reviews and interaction speeds, and in fact the comment area is a fantastic place to construct credibility and authority.

If a user asks a question, answer it.

Remember, to become professional, after all, is our own solution, needs to be authoritative.

Obviously, negative comments are definitely there, and negative comments are not necessarily bad. Just like when we are seeing Taobao, if you see a store, all of our praise, a bad review, or even a middle review, I feel less credible.

Because it is actually impossible, what products are good for everyone? There has to be people who have views.

Naturally, the bad reviews we want to leave are more pertinent, but like those with no brains, the immediate deletion is.

From brief ad to extended ad remarketing

Facebook generally does not lengthen ads, only short ads. The majority of the ads are within 15-30 seconds.

Consequently, if there is too much text information in a picture, the inspection won’t pass. Although Facebook can’t directly market, but you can place a link, we could put a long ad link from Facebook to the ad page.

We send a short ad on Facebook, then put in a”See more” in the end to learn more hyperlinks.

This page, everybody is best not to make a tough and wide, created soft and broad. Add a call-to-action button, as long as the consumer believes us, it is possible to click on the purchase.

Therefore, if the product you’re doing needs to be clarified, or if you want to supply additional information, but this information can not be fully put into Facebook advertisements, you can choose this method. In addition, the landing page of this link doesn’t need to be text information, but can also be shown in video form.

Interstitial advertising

The gap ad is the same as the advertising when we watched TV. We watched TV nicely and suddenly there was an advertisement.

In other words, it is possible that a user is seeing his buddy’s post, but our advertisement will suddenly appear in front of him. It was to disrupt him and also to attract him beneath the premise of him.

But this type of interruption without warning requires us to guide him step by step by our goods, therefore it is essential to direct him to visit our store.

In other words, in this case, our advertising isn’t to be a shopping guide, our advertising has to be more increasingly more convincing. The very best approach to do this is to provide a solution to the problem.
Call to activity

If an ad does not possess a call-to-action button, then it doesn’t matter how good the material is. Simply speaking, the simpler the road the user buys, the easier the measures that can be simplified.

Because every step of the step, the potential for losing customers is a little bigger.

So, if the call-to-action button for our ads is for users to go to Google for our shop, there will be some users that choose to give up, yes, it’s so lazy. These call-to-action buttons would be to get straight to the point and go right to our advertising page or our website.

Create a Facebook webpage to post advertisements

To make a Facebook fan community, we will choose some opportunity to create a Facebook page and post (crap ).

And the articles does not have to be extended, we can share something that others have written, and also in short, what you think your audience may like. In addition to the article, we can also share a few videos, meme, photos and so forth.


About Facebook, doing activities remains

Yesthis, I talked about this when I had been talking about Instagram. To create people talk about us, whether it’s our store or a particular solution, it is a fantastic idea to start a competition.

We can set a match to win, you can give a totally free product, which can stimulate user participation. We provide them free prizes, they give me free vulnerability, no matter which social network, Facebook or even Instagram, this is a very good marketing procedure.

Before the next NBA, which staff whined, did a contest, provided @我的朋友, share this article. Winners can receive free tickets.

Maintain relevance

We disperse Facebook to be applicable to our viewers. Because:

When the advertisement is relevant to this audience, the return on investment will likely be comparatively greater.

Ads will get fewer complaints

Can be accepted (Facebook advertising policies: all articles contained in the advertisement, including text, pictures, or other media, must be relevant to the viewers )

Landing pages are constant with Facebook advertisements

In fact, this is not merely this. I have said it in several places before. In any case, the landing page has to be associated with the previous content.

However, this point, really many individuals have not noticed, believing that for a Facebook advertisement, simply do the material well, I do not know the present fb will even review your ad landing page.

By way of example, if your advertisement sells women’s clothes, but the landing page of your link becomes a real estate page, this is not inexplicable.

  1. Design an ad video especially set for muting

Many consumers are actually muted when using Facebook, such as me.

So our movie ought to let them understand the content even when it’s muted and even add subtitles.

By way of example, in our video, two people stood at a clear dialogue, no additional scenes, and no subtitles. What if the other individual is muted? (Do not design such a boring video)

Sound and dialogue can really add a great deal to the video, but even without sound, our movie is good.

Data shows that 85% of Facebook users are hushed to watch movies.

So our video ought to be muted to understand that the taste is the very best, like this demonstration at:

  1. User Reviews

If your shopify store has a great deal of compliments, then you can fully display the compliments of these consumers as the text content of the ad.

If there is really no comment, then create a bogus comment (no strategy, life is pressured )

Everyone likes to see that the feelings and recommendations of other users, not only how great a company is when you say your merchandise.

But what if you are promoting new products? What if there is no remark? We can send other people’s products and allow others evaluate them. That’s to quantify, many brands do so now, while it is a big brand or a small brandnew.

  1. Share content other than revenue

Not all advertisements are always saying”Come ! Come buy!”

Why do I hear the melatonin advertisement today, I am going to vomit?

But today in this age, such advertisements with an excessive amount of purpose are really drowsy. Therefore, we can occasionally send content that’s not too strong in advertising. Can promote an event, or share some new stories and so forth.

For example:

  1. Ads monitor users who have visited our website

Lots of people doing Facebook ads can directly monitor some new customers, those who haven’t covered them before. This is actually important, you are doing it correctly.

However, it is more efficient to monitor directly those users who have been connected with us because they have already had a feeling of their brand, as well as a number have already seen our products, so they are likely to purchase them.

So how can we put this up?

The first step is always to enter the Facebook Advertising Management Center

The next step, select configurations, pixel

At the next step, select”create custom audience”

Step 4, pick all website traffic


Of course, if you have your own thoughts, you can choose other options:

Record information

Advertising must not just be done with the eyes closed, we must monitor these data frequently. The tracking data is at the Facebook Advertising Management Center I just talked about.

The first step is to choose”create custom conversion”

The next measure, select the

you would like to track in the class.
There are many types here, as well as drop-downs, including entering payment information in our store, or adding a shopping cart, adding a wishlist, etc. could be recorded.

This part is the role of Facebook remarketing. This function will play a particularly significant function in the conversion of our website if we can utilize it.

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