How to Promote Amazon Website Blog on Social Media


Amazon is not just an ecommerce platform but it is more than that. As it offers affiliate business opportunities to the online business holders to promote their products and get handsome ratio out of the profit of each sale. So, if you are having an amazon website, you need to have more sales through your blog so that you can have ratio of profit from more sales. You require continuous visitors to shop from your website or amazon through the link of your website.

The question occurs, where to get this traffic from? Well, there are various ways by using which you can generate more and more traffic on your website. The top most way of doing so is using SEO techniques. However, due to an increase in the use of this method, market is filled with too many fake traffic generation tools of SEO. Different SEO workers use these automotive tools and try to bring you traffic. The traffic is nothing but just a bunch of visitors, brought to your Amazon website blog by using fake means. Such traffic will make your website busier as well down because so many fake visitors are accessing it. These are fake visitors because they are not interested in your products.

So, what to do now? Well, here is still a way out. Social media platforms are filled with the humans, real humans, real traffic, and you can also choose people based on their interest. In this way, you can easily target a market and bring only those people to your site that have potential to change in buyers. This is known as potential traffic. Your website is not down yet you are getting a lot of buyers every day.

Here is the main question now, How to Use Social Media to Promote Amazon Website Blog. Let me tell you, you don’t have to hire someone because everybody knows to use social media. You need to follow some of the following tips. By doing so, you can Promote Amazon Website Blog on Social Media and get customers, sales, and a lot of ripe profit. So here you go:

Use White SEO to Optimize Amazon Listing:

First of all, instead of going for buying tools to do automatic SEO and generate fake traffic for you, you must get to use some most impacting SEO tools such as Google Keyword Planner. Google Keyword planner tells you the searches on some specific things in a specific area, by some specific people. In this way, you can enlist the products based on people’s interest. You will only offer those products in which people are interested and target audience from the area of specific interest. After that, share the links of the products on social media platforms. This SEO is known as white SEO. White SEO is legal and it is totally in the favor of your website.

Buy sponsored Ads to Reach More People:

Now, you have listed the products and you want to reach more people. For this cause, you want your ads should be seen by most and most people. So, you will use sponsored ads. Sponsored ads are paid ads offered by different social media platforms such as Facebook. A sponsored ad is shown in the newsfeed of people, you have targeted, again and again in order to bring you buyers. So, you will get click of the users that are most interested. Make sure to design your sponsor ads in a way that intrigue people to come to your website. You will have to add most realistic yet encouraging features that will make people to buy your products for sure.

Remain Active on Social Media, Like, Comment, and Share:

This is not all. Buying paid tools and then leaving them alone on the platforms is not good. You will have to give proper time to your social media platforms to get more rating and more active users. Along with using sponsored ads, you will have to keep your visitors busy with your page. Keep posting interesting stuff. Make sure the posts you make should resemble the idea of your website and products on it. Keep posting realistically. Ask your friends to comment and respond to the comments of your visitors regularly. Encourage them to ask queries and respond to them as quickly as possible. Keep sharing stuff on your social media platforms.

Keep an Eye over What Competitors Are Doing by Running Competitors Analysis:

All with this, you have to run competitor analysis on regular basis in order to keep an eye on whatever your competitors are doing. By doing so, you will be able to determine a price that’s better than your competitors and you will be able to capture market in better possible way. Also, you will have to see that what type of images and texts your competitor is doing to draw attention of the customers. How much he is earning by doing so and what type of mistakes he/she is making. You can avoid the mistakes for your Amazon Website Blog and get attention of more customers. Amazon offers competitors analysis to its affiliates in order to bring them more business as they also earn by their affiliates.

Bottom Line:

Creating presence is not difficult if you are ready to give proper time to your online business. You should give proper time to your website in order to raise your business. One thing is for sure, there are plenty of people who have earned big bucks of money by just doing this affiliate marketing. We have got thousands of online examples where people became rich by using internet marketing. Those were not somebody with super powers but ordinary humans just like us. All they did was, gave proper time to their affiliate business in realistic way and hence the results were positive. By using all the above mentioned tips, which are so basic and very easy to use, you can definitely Promote Amazon Website Blog on Social Media.

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