How to find better keywords for YouTube videos


Nothing is difficult to know about these days. There were used to happen in past times that people have to ask other people to get knowledge about something. They specifically visit that particular person that have the exact answer to their question. But now, you don’t have to go anywhere. Anything you want to know is on your fingertips. You merely have to write your question in the search bar of the well-known search engine Google, and you will get thousands of answers and solutions to your problem within seconds. It will also offer you the appropriate response if you have written something similar to your topic instead of the actual question.

This thing similarly provided by YouTube. It offers the visual solution to your problem in the form of videos.

Now the question is, have you ever thought about how Google and YouTube are so intelligent that they provide you with the appropriate answer to your problem if you write a hint to that topic? Well, this thing happens because of the keywords.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the specific term used in SEO to relate the input phrase of the user with the result. When any website or YouTube video is uploaded to the server, there is also attached a list of keywords that includes all the possible searches that could happen related to that topic. This is the reason when you type anything related to your problem, the search engine relates it to all the provided keywords of every link and shows you the most appropriate solution to your question.

Why you need Keyword Research for YouTube?

YouTube functions quite differently from Google. The keywords that are utilised for Google links cannot be used for YouTube videos. This is the reason that the technique of SEO for both platforms is different.

Additionally, it is essential to put almost every possible keyword to the YouTube video so that it can be searched in all possible ways. This thing is not much easy to do because a human brain cannot find and analyse so many possibilities. That’s why Keywords are searched explicitly by the people to put on their YouTube videos.

How to Find Keywords for YouTube videos?

There are lots of ways to find out the best keywords for your YouTube videos. Some of those are as follows:

  1. YouTube Autocomplete

One of the most striking and effective ways to find out keywords for YouTube videos is YouTube autocomplete feature. You have noticed that when you type something to search in the search bar of YouTube, there appears a suggestion dropdown in which you find several possible searches for that particular phrase. This feature is mainly designed to help people to find out the content which is related to their interest. This is literally about to tell you that these are the possible ways in which people use to search for the videos of your interest.

If you want more results, you start typing the letters followed by the keywords you have entered before. In this way, you will get more keywords in the form of suggestions.

  1. Competitor Top Videos

Another most effective way to find out the keywords for YouTube videos is checking out the competitors’ top videos.

It is pretty clear that the primary reason behind getting this massive amount of view to the top videos of your competitors is their better SEO techniques, and the most important thing to consider in SEO is putting strong keywords to the video. So, it is pretty sure that your competitors have a better list of keywords for this specific niche.

That’s why you should head over to your competitors’ channels and click on the “Videos” tab. After that, sort them by the “Most Popular” option. In this way, you will be shown their videos that have got most views. Go to every videos’ details and look for the keywords used in the title and the description.

  1. Competitor Tags

If you want better keywords than a videos’ title and the description, you can look for the videos’ tags. You will not get the tags at the front view of the channel. For this purpose, you have to dig into the HTML code of the page.

To do so, right click over the page of the video and click on the “View Source Page” option provided in the pop-up menu. Now you will be shown the HTML code of the page. Here you have to press “CTRL+F” by which search bar will appear at the top. Type “Keywords” into the search bar and press Enter. It will lead you to the line where keywords are written. Copy those keywords and save it in another file.

  1. Keyword Research Tools

One of the less effort-consuming and effective ways to find keywords is the keywords research tools. It is the easiest way to find out keywords for YouTube videos and proves useful in most of the cases.

There are lots of keywords finding tools available that are used to detect the relevant keywords for a particular topic. You don’t have to put any extra effort in this regard like searching on Google or checking out the competitors’ channels. You enter the keyword that pops up into your mind related to your video and press Enter key. You will get the list of most popular and effective keywords similar to that topic within seconds.

  1. Your Own YouTube Analytics

Your own YouTube analytics is a great source to find out the best keywords for your YouTube video. It shows the exact keywords that most of the people often try to find your videos. To get this whole report, you have to go to the “Analytics” options available at YouTube studio and then click on the “Reach Viewers”.


Well, above has described some of the effective ways to find out the keywords for your YouTube video. Consider all of them and get the best keywords according to your video’s niche.

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