How to do Email marketing for Amazon website blog


Marketing is a very essential thing to consider if you want to run your business successfully. There is no business in this world that can groom and touches the high level without a proper marketing technique because no one will get your products or services if they are not interested in them or you make them interested by your marketing.

In past times, people were used to marketing their product by traveling from one place to another. They also used to carry the products from one place to another to sell. But these days, this thing is not going to happen. This is the era of modern technology due to which most of the businesses are marketed in several digital ways and email marketing is one of those strategies to publicize your products.

When we talk about digital technology and digital marketing, we can’t neglect the term of e-commerce. Along with marketing, business has also become digital these days. There are lots of companies that sell their items online. This technique is called e-commerce.

In the world of e-commerce, Amazon has captured a lot of space and customers. This website is considered as one of the biggest e-commerce website these days. It also has physical stores all around the world.

This company had adopted email marketing as one of its most popular technique to publicize its product, increase its sales and earn a huge ratio of annual revenue. Well, here are some of the ways to do email marketing for Amazon website blog in a better way:

1.    Track What Visitors do

When you talk about a huge organization such as Amazon, it would be a huge mistake to think that they would not have been concerning about every little detail about their business especially customer base. You should understand that your responsibilities towards your business enhance as your business grooms. You have to look after much more things about your business to keep it enhancing and grooming more and more, and the customer base is one of those essential things to consider.

This is the reason that Amazon precisely tracks the activities of its customers and visitors on their website. They highly monitor the customer’s birth date, gender, and the items that they mostly search on their website and also maintain a list of products that they mostly view and purchases. This thing helps them to obtain the valuable data which highly become useful to create the most relevant emails to market the products and interact the users according to their interest.

So, if you want to have the most effective email marketing, you should adopt the strategy of gathering your customers and visitors’ data. If you don’t have much strong and effective system similar to the Amazon, you can send out some surveys to your trusted customers to obtain the basic information of your customers or you can use the Google Analytics to observe numerous things on your website including the area of the person who is browsing your website, the day and time of that origin and also the item that he is viewing right now.

2.    Send Personalized Messages

When you have effectively obtained the useful information of your customers, you will be capable of creating personalized messages for each customer. This is the thing that most of the businesses adapt to interact with their customers and make them interested in their products. This thing becomes very much easy because you have all the information about people interest so you will create personalized messages according to their interest so that they will easily be attracted to your offered product and service.

The same thing is utilized by Amazon. They send regular emails and messages to the customers by their names and offer them some of the products that are exactly according to their interests. The email reduces the effort of the customer to browse the whole website to find the product exactly according to his choice and interest.

This thing helps a lot to obtain customer trust over the company because he realizes that the company knows him very well and prefers his needs, choices, and interest. Whenever a person gets confused while browsing the Amazon that what he should purchase, Amazon immediately sends him an email with lots of suggestion from which he can easily pick up the thing to purchase. This thing not only builds up customer trust over the brand but also make them purchase the product which is clearly an effective email marketing technique.

3.    Follow Up

Another effective way of email marketing is to follow up. Amazon continuously follows up the customer until he makes the purchase from that website. You would understand if you have been ever pocked around while abandoning your shopping cart on the Amazon website. When a person leaves his cart without placing the order, Amazon frequently sends him a personalized email and encourage him to complete the purchase. You might not be understanding the importance of this strategy and thinking that it is not much effective technique but in reality, returning your customers to your services or products in a pure non-pushy way reels them to back in easily. You can offer them a cold prospect as a helpful solution or simply remind them in a friendly way so that you can engage your customers for a long time and maintain a strong customer base for your business.

4.    Create a sense of Urgency

You might have noticed that most of the e-commerce website including Amazon offers lots of holiday specials and limited time deals. All these things are a simple way to create a sense of Urgency.

Amazon sends personalized emails to their customers in which they attract their customers by offering them some limited time deals. This thing creates a sense of Urgency to these people’s mind and encourages them to purchase the products as soon as possible, which is clearly an effective way to market your products and the business.


Well, above has described some effective ways to do email marketing for Amazon. You can adopt all of them and have a strong customer base and the huge audience interested in your services.

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