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Hostpapa is a fine hosting service provider company which is providing the best solutions for the small business to grow in the online world. Hostpapa is also providing the best and easy to use builder which you can use to create an amazing website which can fit your business type with ease. With the easiness of the website builder which is available with the hostpapa’s hosting services the novice user can also build a stunning website with ease and it may be because it is providing 100’s of attractive templates and easy to use drag and drop builder which can help the customers to customize to get ready a new website on a quick basis.

Introduction to hostpapa Hosting

Hostpapa is a hosting company which is providing fine hosting services and which is serving millions of clients all around the world. The company is providing the best solutions for individuals and small business. Hostpapa is a web hosting company which is serving independently with the spectrum of offered hosting services and ranged from VPS to shared hosting services and more focus of this company is on small businesses. Hostpapa was established in the year 2006 and now growing rapidly. To see what you can get from hostpapa hosting company let’s have a look at the amazing features and benefits of its hosting services.

Amazing Features of hostpapa Hosting services

If you are looking for what features you can avail from the hosting services of hostpapa company then the following features are worth to know:

  1. Shared hosting: hostpapa hosting company is providing shared hosting services too. In this kind of hosting services, the clients will utilize a shared server which will be used by various websites. The resources on such kind of hosting services are shared too. If you want to avail shared hosting services then you can go with this service of hostpapa with ease.
  2. Free Domain name: hostpapa offers a free domain name even with its start services. These services can be the best for the ones who are looking for hosting and domain services for a personal website or blog with ease.
  3. An easy to use website builder: hostpapa is providing an amazing and the easiest website builder tool for all of its clients. This website builder is based on a really easy to understand interface. And to add or delete some options you will get the drag and drop options to utilize. To get creative with your website layout this builder can be perfect to use.
  4. Guaranteed uptime: hostpapa is providing a guaranteed uptime for the websites. It ensures the fact that with this hosting service the clients can enjoy up to 99.99% uptime with ease.
  5. Unlimited Bandwidth: well, the bandwidth is the most important thing to focus on when it comes to avail a hosting service. It is because the response and uploading and downloading speed depend on it. Well, with the hostpapa you do not have to be worried about because here you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth for the fastest response to your audience.
  6. Smooth website transfer: website migration is never going to be a problem for you when you are moving to hostpapa from another hosting service. Hostpapa ensures the smooth transfer services for your website.
  7. Unlimited Storage, no surprises: Now you can enjoy the unlimited disk space with hostpapa to enjoy better service. By this, you can get plenty of disk space on the server to store your files.
  8. One click script installation: here you can get hundreds of script which can be helpful in building, managing and enhancing your website. All of the amazing scripts are available for just 1 click installation.

Benefits of hostpapa hosting services

Inexpensive packages

Hostpapa comes with the most reasonable hosting packages. All of the packages which are available for the clients have significant features involved. Hostpapa hosting is one of the cheapest hosting services which is providing guaranteed services worldwide.

Above average uptime

Hostpapa is providing guaranteed uptime. Clients can experience the most reliable services with 99.99% uptime.

Efficient support services

A dedicated team of hostpapa is providing the quickest support services. Clients can enjoy amazing support services and can ask their queries with ease. At hostpapa support team is highly professional and friendly and can provide the best solutions with ease.

Advanced security features

Hostpapa hosting services come with the ultimate security system which can be the best to keep the files and visitors safe from the unauthorized access. Hostpapa provides free SSL certificate to ensure the best security from hackers’ attack.

Better Speed and high performance

Hostpapa can provide you the fastest hosting services for the small businesses. With hostpapa, customers can enjoy the high-performance level and quick upload time with ease.

Hostpapa Hosting: How to install WordPress?

Here is the simplest process to install WordPress with hostpapa hosting platform. To install WordPress is just a matter of a few clicks. To understand it perfectly, stay with us.

  1. First of all, login to the cPanel of your hosting. For this purpose, you can check the email you received from hostpapa, it contains a connecting link for your ease.
  2. Go to “Apps Installer” to select the WordPress application to install.
  3. Click on the WordPress icon there to start the installation process.
  4. Click on “Install Now”
  5. Now there will appear a window with some options to fill. You have to provide information such as “Choose Panel”, “Directory Name”, “Site Name”, “Site Description”, etc. Fill all the fields and provide exact information carefully. Here you can enable multisite option if you want to create a multisite WordPress.
  6. If you want to configure Database name and Table prefix by yourself then click the “Advanced Options”
  7. Select a theme and Click “Install”.


HostPapa is one of the best Hosting service providing company which has its data centers in the USA and Canada. It is providing amazing features and updated systems with highly affordable packages. This hosting service company is providing the best benefits such as high uptime, secure and reliable services etc.

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