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When you want to store your website’s or webpage’s data at a remote location so that everyone can see your website or webpage, then you will need hosting to make it possible. This is the thing by which you get space and other services from the hosting providers on their servers. Your whole website or webpage is stored on those servers so that if any person around the globe will want to see your website, he just have to put your site address or the domain name in any web browser, then his system will get connected to that server and the website’s data will be accessible to him.

There are different types of hosting that you have to select according to your website’s requirements. If your website is business related, then you will have to get business hosting if your website is too much complicated and you want to have a completely secure environment, then you should get dedicated hosting. In the same case, if your website is developed on WordPress, then you will require WordPress hosting.

Introduction to GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the best hosting providers in the hosting industry. It offers all the above-described hosting types according to your website’s needs. Additionally, it is the best platform to get WordPress hosting as compared to any other hosting providers.

This hosting provider company offers a lot of features related to WordPress hosting that is not much offered by any other hosting provider. Well, some of those features are as follows:

1.     Managed Solutions

The WordPress hosting by GoDaddy offers a managed form of solutions by which you will get your data in a more efficient and effective way. It handles the technical stuff in a more managed form and also keeps data backup of all the data on daily basis to be used in any kind of problem.

2.     Better performance

GoDaddy offers the best performance to your website. Because of its amazing services and features, your website will be able to work in a more effective and efficient way.

3.     SEO services

GoDaddy offers the feature of built-in Search Engine Optimization facility. The plugins offered in WordPress hosting automatically handles the SEO basic of your website and get into the Google and other popular search engines without any kind of manual effort.

4.     Migrate your existing Site

GoDaddy offers the feature of auto-migration by which you can easily migrate your WordPress website on a single click. If you want to use a custom login page, then this feature will fully support in this regard.

5.     High-quality virus security

You don’t have to worry about the hacker or any kind of virus to be injected into your WordPress website. GoDaddy has strong security features that resist all the irrelevant call or data to get access to your website. It completely scans all the data that is coming to your website and ensure that there should not be any kind of virus in that.

How to install WordPress on GoDaddy

GoDaddy offers the most simple and easy way to install WordPress. You can complete this whole task by only a few clicks. So, here we are going to tell you to step by step procedure to install WordPress on GoDaddy:

1.     Find your domain and have a hosting

First of all, you should have a domain and appropriate hosting plan for your WordPress website. If you don’t have these things, then you should have to purchase them. When you have successfully get these, you should have to point your domain into your hosting account. When you have successfully pointed the domain to your hosting account, then you will be able to see the following screen while visiting the pointed domain:

2.     Sign in to your account

After that, you have to sign in to your hosting account. Enter the username and password and click on Sign In button. After that, you will get a page where you will see your username at the top of the corner. Click on the username, there will appear a mega menu in which there will be a “Manage Hosting” option. Click on that option to go to your hosting account settings. This thing is shown in the following image:

3.     Open WordPress App

When you are into your hosting account settings, you will see different hosting accounts there that you have purchased. You have to click on the relevant account to which you want to install the WordPress. This thing is shown in the following image:

By clicking on that account, there will appear the control panel of that hosting account where you will see all the settings of your project that you can adjust according to your needs. There will be the option of “Installation” within the “Tools” section. You will have to click on the “Open” which is placed next to the “Installation”, just similar as shown in the image:

After clicking on the “Open”, you will get a page where you can see different applications that GoDaddy supports. You have to scroll down the page and click on the WordPress icon which is pointed by the red arrow in the image:

4.     Installation

After clicking on the WordPress icon, there will appear a page where you will see a button saying “Install this application”, just similar to the following image:

After clicking on this button, you will get the installation wizard where you have to make several choices, like:

  • Domain Name
  • The path where you want to install WordPress
  • Selection of latest WordPress version
  • Selection of language for the installation
  • Selection of “Accept” if you want to proceed

You will get 9 more option by scrolling down, like:

  • Automatic Update
  • WordPress Plugin Automatic Update
  • WordPress theme Automatic Update
  • Automatic Update Backup
  • Administrator Username
  • Administrator Password
  • Administrator Email
  • Website Title
  • Website Tagline

You can choose all the options according to your choice.

You will also get more options that you can enable or disable if you want to. Those options are shown in the following image:

When you are done will all the options, you have to click on the Install button. The installation will take less than a minute. During this time, you will see the following view:

When the bar is completed, your WordPress will be installed successfully and you will be able to access your website through any web browser.

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