DreamHost Hosting WordPress Install Guide


Web hosting is used to post a website on the internet, it allows the individuals to post their webpage with the help of effective web hosting. A web host service is basically a business and it offers the skills and facilities that are necessary for the website or webpage to be watched by the visitors on the Internet.

Different websites are hosting through a special computer that is called the servers. When the users of the Internet want to visit your or any specific website, they just write down your web address or the domain name on their selected browsers. Their computer will automatically connect with your server and then your webpages will be transported to them through the browser to browser.

Introduction of DreamHost Hosting service:

DreamHost is offering web hosting with the best services. Our prime target is to provide the best hosting facilities to our customers. The main problem that people are facing while hosting, complicated control panel but the DreamHost provide a custom control panel that makes web hosting easy to perform and manage. With the help of other tools, you can do something more creative than a simple web hosting.

DreamHost will make your website fast and more effective. If you are worried about your website because of low visitors and want to get the best search optimization than come to Dream Host for further services. The experts are always available for assistance. DreamHost provides quality services with fast hosting speed, powered Word Pass with multiple languages that provide you another way to go beyond limits.

Features of DreamHost hosting service:

The DreamHost is offering such facilities to our customers. The services and their prices are varying sometimes because of new offers and promotions. The main aim of DreamHost is to provide best quality service to their customers.

  1. Shared hosting:

It’s more likely a Pro and the faster with fully Secure. You can install WordPress by a single click. If you get any trouble, your money will be return within 90 days and that is guaranteed by the company.

  1. WordPress hosting:

WordPress controls over 30% of the total internet. You can join the WordPress community and get access to direction from professionals and the other users just like you. The controlled lots of free and paid reactive WordPress templates that rapidly use to give your brand an elegant, professional look on anyway.

  1. VPS hosting:

In VPS hosting, its work is to manage performance, its security and also updates. It is very easy and quick use of the control panel and the unimpeded presentation with your personal server means with unlimited traffic. You can also expend your RAM and its storage. It’s a US based VPS.

  1. Website builders:

You can choose from the library of professionally-well designed themes that will help you to get started with unlimited choices. You can easily carry your website with the customizing the mobile adjusted theme that can be used to fit your own brand. The no coding option means that you can personalize your site without any issue. You can simply modify your page by the addition of different page units, for example, contact methods, picture galleries, site maps, and many more.

  1. Dedicated hosting:

It has the ability of full Root and shell Access (SSH). It has 100% of Uptime Assurance with RAID 1 storage. The experts are also monitoring it very well and providing the 24/7 of their support.

  1. Cloud hosting:

It can launch Cloud Servers within the 30 seconds or you can say less. You can take the application online with a simple billing system. It also featured with the hourly rating and monthly promotional charges that can be changed by the time.

  1. Domain names:

You can choose the domain of your own choice. Some people skip the domain step during the whole registration system. There are millions of domains available on the website.

Hosting How to install WordPress:

DreamHost is presenting a WordPress installation with a single click. The super reliable service is providing you best-hosting facilities.

Let’s check it out the installation procedure of WordPress on DreamHost, step by step.

Step # 1:

Open the DreamHost official website www.dreamhost.com and you will see the Home page of the website. Now click on the Get Started Button and jump onto the next step.

Step # 2:

Now select the WordPress Hosting and the new window will open in which you will see all packages that are offered by WordPress.

Step # 3:

In this step, you can select the plans on monthly basis. You can choose the plan, according to your requirement.

For Yearly plans, select from the below picture.

For Monthly plans, select from the below picture.

Step # 4:

Select the plan and Sign up here.

Step # 5:

It’s time to create your Account. Add your authorized email address and select the strong password and then Continue.

Step # 6:

In this step, you have to choose your Domain. The domain should be different and unique so, it will allow you shortly. Type a domain name and search for it. As your domain selected, come to the next step. Some people also skip this step for later.

Step # 7:

It’s time to wisely choose your plan. These plans are very cheap and effective. Select from one of these plans and Continue it.

Step # 8:

The major process is now started, select the only option and Continue it simply.

Step # 9:

In this webpage, you have to select the Get WordPress and click on it.

Step # 10:

This step is very important; you have to select the Registration option because, without registration, you are unable to download WordPress. So, register first.

Step # 11:

Put all the require details of your in the registration process and Create Account to get WordPress.

Step # 12:

After registration properly, the last step is about Download WordPress. Download it by the single click and start customizing with it.




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