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Last updated on 28 Dec 2018

I signed up for A Small Orange last November 2013 mainly to try and experiment with a self-hosted Ghost blog. As far as I know ASO is one of the few hosts who allow Node.js on a shared hosting environment (update: A2 Hostingdoes too), and they delivered well in this regard.

I chatted with one of their sales reps before I signed up (like I always do) and I was pleased with the way he answered my general questions. No copy-pasted answers and no “buy the more expensive plan instead” suggestions.

ASO is an EIG host so I didn’t expect much, I just wanted to try Ghost and I felt like I had no choice but to go with them. My experience with the sales rep was unexpectedly satisfactory though… He definitely made a good first impression, but sadly good impressions don’t last all the time.

I’ve been a client for months and I can say that their tech support isn’t particularly noteworthy. There were cases when I needed help and the tech support just disconnected from the chat and left me hanging. Sometimes I’d get lucky and be connected to a helpful and friendly support rep though. Note: there’s an update about ASO’s live chat posted at the end of this review. Server speed isn’t remarkable either. Sometimes my site was fast, sometimes not.

From the first day up until now — almost three months after I signed up — my site’s monthly uptime report has been consistently 99.9% and above. This is very refreshing in a sense that people usually have nothing but negative thoughts about EIG hosts, yet I was able to find something good about ASO.

Final Verdict

A Small Orange is a good host when you consider features, uptime, and the price. Their cheapest plan is $35/year and I think that’s a reasonable amount to pay if you intend to use their hosting for not-so-important sites, or projects under development.

I would not recommend them if you’re planning to build a site for your online business (or any other serious website for that matter) as they can be inconsistent in terms of speed and support. There are better hosts out there; don’t risk your online business by signing up with an average host.

A Small Orange Review Updates

Not recommended – A Small Orange may have taken longer to go downhill than other web hosts EIG has acquired but the decline still did happen.

Also be aware that the ASO division of EIG is managing Arvixe now and it’s rumored that they will be running Site5soon too.

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