How to open an online store on Instagram: the full version of the tutorial!


01 How does Instagram go shopping?

I searched the Internet for a wonder brand referred to as”modabrush”. Click on its homepage to see a tab for”shop” (got to go). You may click on the tab and then go to the second. Picture.

Instagram Post

In addition, we usually see such images when exploring ins dynamics:

Merchants will label out the goods in the article they published, and there’ll be a small icon such as the bag on the image. In case the user is interested in this product, they can click on the item to find out more or buy.

Each picture can label up to 5 products, and also a post can send a number of images, which means you can tag up to 20 products.

There is also this”Stories” attribute, where retailers may also tag their products.

02 The best way to open Instagram shop

To start with, we definitely must adhere to the platform’s company policies and rules.

Instagram has these demands:

The Instagram account company must be based on selling physical products, which means you can’t sell virtual things like providers!
Your Instagram profile has to be a company profile and your business has to comply with the Instagram business transaction coverage.
Currently, only these countries have the role of Instagram shop. If you want to verify whether you’ve got the Instagram store function in the country you’re discussing, it’s possible to immediately view this URL.
in addition, ensure your Instagram has been updated to the most recent version.

03 Open the Instagram store steps

  1. Sign up for a Facebook shop

To start with, to start an Instagram shop, you also need to have a Facebook shop, because Instagram will transfer the information which you made on Facebook to the Instagram store. Here is how to sign up for a Facebook shop:

Option 1: Develop a separate Facebook store

You’ll be able to make a new product connection and manually upload your merchandise details to your Facebook business page.

Depending upon your country, you can manage orders straight and collect payments on Facebook. But it is not very suggested to do so.

First, Facebook’s ecommerce supervisor is not especially good, with no fundamental features available to other platforms.

Second, you most likely already have your own website, so if you make a different Facebook store, you’ll have to deal with the purchase individually, which is bad for managing your inventory. So we will suggest the next method.

Option 2: Sync your online store to your Facebook page

If we utilize shopify, we could easily sync all the merchandise catalogs to Facebook, thus we do not have to import them manually.

Additionally, with this procedure, the stock is also mechanically synchronized, at the shopify dashboard can handle all orders, saving time and effort, so you just have to pay attention to your own sales.

So to start an Instagram shop, you also need to solve these 3 items:

  1. Bind your Instagram business profile to your Facebook business page in the same moment. This is only possible together with the Facebook page administrator.


  1. Insert product catalog to Facebook store

As we mentioned previously, the Instagram store actually moved the item info in the Facebook store, therefore after we bind both, we need to produce a Facebook shop, and then sync with the one-click.

Previously we recommended two ways to make a item. In fact, the next one is more suitable than the initial manual technique.

So in the event that you have shopify, bind your FB page directly in the shopify shop and put in the Facebook page right to the”Sales Channel” on the left side of the Shopify store.

as soon as you’ve bound it, then add the item catalog to Facebook.

Visit Shopify”goods”–choose your product–click”Make Products Available” from the”activity” drop-down menu–select”Facebook”.

Establish Instagram sales channels

As soon as you’ve got Facebook, you may set your Instagram sales station.

  1. Waiting for the account to be accepted

The platform review may take a couple of days, and after your account has been accepted, you will get such a notification. Verify the Facebook store that you want to include to Instagram.

After receiving the notification of this approval, all you have to do now is pick the Facebook store that you want to bind to Instagram.

Click”Get Started” on the inspection notification to go directly to the Instagram retailer settings and click on”shopping” to pick the Facebook store.

04 The best way to print products on Instagram

As we said before, in Instagram posts, each single-post article can label up to five items, and each multi-picture article can tag up to 20 items.

The item tag in the post will display the name and price of the labeled item, and also the formerly posted article can also label the item.

Following the launch, your post will become similar to this: Learn:

Label Goods in the released Stories

Likewise, Instagram’s tales can also be tagged, product maps will display the product name, and also you can edit the texture color and text.

But, the published story can’t be re-edited and has to be deleted and re-released. And every story can simply add a map of the product.
After the release, it is just like a picture such as this:

to sum up:

Generally speaking, the Instagram shop is still very useful, it not only simplifies the purchasing process, but also makes it much easier to place orders.

It also gives you a excellent deal of autonomy so that you can promote your goods directly, and you’ll present your products to those who have a strong desire to purchase.

When you label the product from the post you submitted, your post will automatically appear in Instagram’s Shopping Explore tab.

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