How do I find a customer through Facebook?


We take the telephone case as an example

There’s a place here that requires a little Attention when you put in it from the box. Phone case, do not press ENTER, but to click on the mouse to search, so that only the default page is not searched.

You can check it out. Then we click “webpage” and we’re looking at pages around Facebook.

“View more results” We can observe the results of the search island, discovered that many pages have been marked, where the webpage is, how many buffs (likes) such as:

Ok, let us just click into a webpage.

For instance, this page

We could find out again in “profile” that this is a Brazilian manufacturer.

We can find that here would be the key contact Info you need, email, address, website, phone, operating time, and also whoever owns the direction of the page (it’s possible to add him, but keep in mind that one day doesn’t exceed 2~3, quite dangerous, the author is not take the initiative to include individuals, unless really needed, one day just add one)

thus a lot to confront the”Intro” Everyone could click in to look at it will have more comprehensive information.

However there are many pages in which the owner is lazy and there is not much to be attached to.

Like this address, By Malaysiawe click”Intro” and then we can see

There aren’t any vital contact details here. So Now we are going back to the front.

Button, we can send a button into the owner of this page, and the message you send could be viewed.
There’s also a way to undo the drive method.

By Way of Example, you go into a website, wish to Get the email address of this site, but you don’t know him or hard to find his specific mailbox (this is very unlikely, the overall site will give the contact address). At this point we can locate his FB icon on this website, many sites have societal button tags, such as Facebook, twitter, google+ icons, these icons you click , you might find the particular contact information you desire. To mention an example of Alibaba’s site, at the lower left corner, we can find numerous tags.

Information you want.

Do you think this is extremely useful?

Thus a Great Deal of things are mutual and this Unsuitable as it works for Facebook, it also applies to many social programs.

Men, you learned today, how do you find that a Way to target your clients through Facebook, and did you assist you?

You don’t even understand how much trouble it is To upload pictures. How can you locate a client through Facebook? If there is help To you personally, welcome to share along with other small buddies, learn together Oh ~

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