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Last updated on 28 Dec 2018

A service that allows different people or businesses to publicize their web page or a complete website over the internet is called Web Hosting. It is the way by which your web page or website avail some space over any of computers that are called servers to store its data so that other people can access it easily. These servers are offered by different web hosting providers that facilitate us with the technologies and services essential for running a web page or a website. When your website is completely hosted, then it will be able to be accessed by people. For this purpose, people just have to type the address of your website or domain into the web browser and press Enter key. Your computer will search for the address written in the address bar and when it is found, your computer will be connected to the server where the addressed website is stored.

Introduction to HostGator

There are lots of companies available over the internet that provides web hosting services. Well, one of those companies is HostGator. It is the best web hosting company as compared to the others. It offers lots of services to the customer at a very affordable price rate. You will find here different packages for the different type of hosting and for different time durations. All those packages are very much affordable that anyone can bear their cost. Also, all these packages offer outstanding services that are rare to find anywhere else.

Advantages of HostGator

Some of the advantages of getting services from HostGator are as follows:

  • A wide range of choices: Well, it is true that there are lots of web hosting providers available but most of them do not offer much variety of choices to the customer. They offer limited packages and deals to the customer in which they have to fit their websites. They have to develop the websites in the way that hosting packages available in the market can easily suit to them. They don’t require any additional feature or service to run. While HostGator do not let you compromise. It offers a wide range of choices to the customers so that they can run any kind of website according to their business needs and requirements.
  • High Level of Uptime: You may have noticed that some of the websites take too much time to load. Additionally, when you perform any task on the website, it also takes too much time to complete and it happens most of the time. This is called the low level of Uptime. This thing is very much common by most of the web hosting providers. It happens because the servers of that web hosting company are either limited or not powerful enough to bear heavy loads. While HostGator contains powerful and high-speed servers that offer you a high level of Uptime. In this way, you don’t have to wait a lot more to perform any task on your website.
  • Unlimited Service Plans: If you want web hosting for small business or personal use then limited services are suitable but when you talk about heavy businesses and large enterprises, then limited services are not the option. You need the unlimited source of services to continuously run your setup. But most of the web hosting providers do not offer unlimited services. In this way, they have to renew their packages again and again which also sometimes become the cause of delay in business working. While HostGator offers unlimited services at all the hosting packages. It allows the customers to get rid of them again and again renewal before the expiry of their package plan.
  • Single Click Installation: website installation over a server takes a lot of time. Additionally, it involves various steps to get completed. In all this procedure, people have to spend much more time and effort. They also have to get connected to the internet for this whole process. Just in case that your internet is disconnected, then the whole installation process may be restarted or takes too much time to resume. While HostGator offers a single click installation that resolves all these kind of issues. You just have to click on a single button and your website will be installed less than in a minute.
  • Affordable Price rates: Firstly, all the above-described benefits are not easily offered by any web hosting provider, but on off the chance that you find these at any platform, then they will charge a lot of money for all these services. Well, HostGator offer you all these services and advantages at a very affordable price. You just have to pay a reasonable amount and you will get any of the web hosting services and package according to your desire.

Pros of HostGator

Well, HostGator is the best option if you are looking for web hosting providers. No other web hosting provider company offers such kind of benefits and services, but there are also some of the pros that more elaborates that why it is best among them all.

  • Availability of both dedicated and shared servers for Windows and Linux-based plans
  • Unlimited disk spaces
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySql databases
  • 45-days money-back guarantee
  • 9% uptime guarantee
  • cPanel and Plesk control panels
  • Free migration service
  • Courtesy off-site backups
  • Free advertising offers

Cons of HostGator

Along with so many benefits and pros, HostGator also has some of the cons that you should properly know before getting services from them. Well, some of its cons are as follows:

  • The Customer Support Response Times are slow
  • In the past, Site performance was not the best
  • It requires an additional fee to restore from backups


Well, according to all the above-described aspects and advantages, it is obvious that HostGator is the best web hosting provider as compared to others. No doubt it offers some of the cons but along with them, this company offers amazing services and benefits at very affordable price rates and it makes it a perfect option among all.

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