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Last updated on 02 Mar 2019

An online service through which different individuals or organizations expose their website or a webpage is called Web Hosting. It is the route by which your website benefit of getting some space over any of servers to store its information so that other individuals can get to it effectively. These servers are offered by various web hosting companies that encourage us with the services and technologies for running a page or a site. At the point when your site is totally publicized, it will certainly be accessible by any individuals and they just simply need to type the location of your site into the internet browser and press Enter key. Your PC will look for the location written in the location bar and when it is discovered, your PC will be associated with the server where the site is stored.

Introduction to DreamHost

There are several online companies available that offers multiple hosting packages and services but DreamHost is one of the best companies among all. This company offers lots of packages and services at a very affordable price rate. All the services are incredibly amazing that you will be completely satisfied after making deal with them.

Well, DreamHost offers you Shared hosting in which it offers unlimited bandwidth, Fast SSD storage, SSL certificate and many more. Additionally, it offers WordPress hosting and VPS in which you will get 30GB SSD storage, SSL certifications and lots of other services. All these packages are at very much reasonable price that you will never find anywhere else.

Advantages of DreamHost

  • Plan Simplicity: Any individual who has looked for shared hosting realizes that plans often are confusing to understand properly. One host will top circle storage room, another will top the number of sites but then another will top the number of databases you can utilize, and still, another will offer zero “extra” features.

In this way, it becomes difficult to make sense of what’s the correct plan for you or your business. However, the plans of DreamHost are quite simple to understand. You can easily figure out that what plan among the all will suit you and your business.

  • Developer Feature Set: If you are not running your email using Google Apps or Outlook, hosting will also give you email functionalities, and DreamHost offers the full center feature set without any problem. DreamHost additionally gives a strong collection of further developed features, such as raw server logs, full CGI access, subversion repository, and cron Additionally, they have SSD hard drives rather than traditional hard drives on which all the shared hosting servers are placed. In this way, they are able to offer better long-term performance.
  • Full Spectrum of Hosting Services: DreamHost gives a full range of hosting facilities for developing or concentrated hosting needs. Most sites begin on a shared server since that makes well dependent on traffic levels and financial plans. So, in the event that your site winds up developing or extending in manners that you had not gotten ready for, then Dreamhost helps you to grow with an organization that you already have involvement with, and this is the best solution till the time you plan your future strategies regarding hosting perfectly.
  • High Level of Uptime: You may have seen that a portion of the sites takes too much time at loading. Moreover, when you play out any activity on the site, it completes the task after too much time. This is known as the low level of Uptime. This thing is very much common in most of the web hosting services. This thing happens in light of the fact that the servers of that web hosting organization are either restricted or not sufficiently powerful to tolerate the load of heavy sites. While DreamHost contains the most powerful servers that offer you a high level of Uptime. Thusly, you don’t need to hold up much more to perform any activity on your site.
  • Unlimited services: In the event that you need web hosting for private venture or individual use, at that point limited services are appropriate however when you talk about big organizations and vast enterprises, at that point limited services are not the alternative. You require unlimited services to consistently run your setup. Since the majority of the web hosting companies don’t offer boundless services, that’s’ why people need to renew their bundles over and over which additionally turn into the reason for the delay in the business While DreamHost offers you unlimited services for the whole duration of your hosting package and you don’t have to renew your package again and again.

Pros of DreamHost

Well, there are lots of advantages of availing DreamHost hosting services. Some of them are described above but there are also some other points that should be known by the people and they all perfectly elaborate that why this is the best option among all.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Unlimited MySql database
  • Host Unlimited sites
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • High-level Uptime
  • Impressive money back guarantee
  • No backup recovery fee
  • 100% secure environment
  • Live Chat availability
  • Cost-effective
  • Feasible Package changing facility

Cons of DreamHost

Along with different benefits and advantages, there are also some of the cons of DreamHost web hosting services. These cons must be known to the people that desire to avail the hosting packages from DreamHost.

So, some of those cons are as follows:

  • The server organization tools gave in the shared hosting plan is largely custom coded by DreamHost Labs which can make it difficult for a few clients to get access.
  • There is a custom control panel at DreamHost that can be difficult for the individuals who have never utilized a cPanel.
  • The organized WordPress hosting just enables you to have a single domain at one time over a single account.


Well, above has described different benefits, pros, and cons of DreamHost. All these aspects collectively demonstrate that DreamHost is the best hosting service provider as compared to the other. The services offered by DreamHost are such amazing that cannot be available from any other platform at these affordable rates.

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