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Last updated on 28 Dec 2018

Bluehost is one of the most efficient and leading hosting companies. It was established in 2003 and the company has an aim is to empower people so; they can get full excess on the web. The company has partnership with WordPress and the in-house team is expert enough to deal and assist the clients. The company is based on the open source and the development team is experienced in improving open source platforms up to 80. BlueHost undoubtedly is specializing in open source development and application.

Provide complete Web Solutions:

Bluehost provide a proven platform for new web hosting. The company has a professional team that is responsible to design the best solution for their clients. The tools and services that the company offers are quite easy and effective that a novice will handle it easily. The traditional and cloud-based servers are joined that empowers the client to increase the scale of their growth.

Widespread Tools:

Combined into every Bluehost account, a set of add-on goods and resources improve our buyers’ capability to build an online occurrence, in a different and unique way. These tools offer additional safety, control, swiftness, and usefulness. They are offered bundles of packages.

Professional Support:

We assist you in how to make a better and effective use to your web by giving you the best tools for web hosting. Our experts are always ready in your service. The in-house expert is always busy with fixing the client’s issues.

Services of BlueHost:

The basic services that BlueHost is proving are:

  1. Hosting
  2. WordPress
  3. Domains

1.     Hosting:

Bluehost is providing the best hosting options with unlimited feature. There are also further options in hosting for example:

     I.            VPS hosting

Our simulated isolated servers are made from the crushed by all SSD storing. So, take advantage of improved power, elasticity, and regulator for your site. You can take the following package according to your web need.

a.       Standard
b.      Enhanced
c.       Ultimate

All these packages have some free and paid services and the paid one is also amazing.

     II.            Shared web hosting:

You can start hosting with us because we promise to share a powerful platform that will be perfect for your web hosting. We have some plans regarding our services. In these plans Bandwidth, websites, and storage are free.

a.       Basic
b.      Plus
c.       Choice plus
d.      Pro
   III.            Dedicated hosting:

When you need high security, fully controlled and high-performance platform, you can choose from the following plans.

a.       Standard
b.      Enhanced
c.       Premium

These plans are expensive though but you can get the maximum service from the company.

2.     WordPress:

WordPress also offers several services for clients.

        I.            WordPress hosting:

This affordable service is basically secure by WordPress experts. You can create your website and it will automatically install WordPress. You can choose from the following packages:

a.       Basic
b.      Plus
c.       Choice plus

In all packages free domain service for a whole year is available. The automatic installation and upgrade of WordPress in also featured in all packages.

     II.            WordPress pro:

This platform is basically designed for high-speed WordPress service. The main feature of this service is you can manage all with only one dashboard. Chose the plan of your requirement:

a.       Build
b.      Grow
c.       Scale

You can get an unlimited website with countless domains. The unlimited storage provides you the best hosting option. There is no traffic limit on these packages.

   III.            eCommerce:

You can use multiple and different themes with the help of e-commerce. The packages offered by BlueHost are very cheap and operative.

a.       Starter
b.      Plus
c.       Pro

It has automatic service of installation of woo-commerce and you can secure after getting free SSL.

3.     Domains:

Select the BlueHost domain and find the appropriate web address for your new site. You can easily build and manage your own website. You can manage the domain with the easy-to-manage control panel. Just change the DNS records in order to use multiple domains.


Keep your domains save from out-dating and unintentionally being misplaced by enabling auto-upgrade. Go back to manual reinstallation any time. Using this provision safeguards that your website domain names will be safe.

Domain Security:

After getting the perfect and required domain, you can lock it and save it from the illegal transfer. You can unlock it anytime and our domain service will protect your domain name and will keep it safe for you.


  1. BlueHost have fully supported WordPress service.
  2. Bluehost is providing easy-to-do service that is very effective for new clients and operators.
  3. Bluehost is serving from 2003 unlike a new company, it provides quality work.
  4. Bluehost is offer you to join us with free of cost.
  5. BlueHost has an advanced and technical in-house team that is very professional and expert in their work.
  6. BlueHost assure you that with the help of their web hosting you can earn unlimited after some time.
  7. Bluehost provide you unlimited promotional resources that will help you to create and utilize assets.
  8. BlueHost also give you free SSL service.
  9. Bluehost is giving you money back guarantee of their services.
  10. BlueHost have their active team that is available 24 hours online.


  1. BlueHost is not cost-effective but you can buy the mini-plans of the company.
  2. BlueHost offer you up to 50% off on their all services and packages but in reality, they only give you 30-40%.
  3. BlueHost is not giving you any proper security of domain, only lock your domain.
  4. BlueHost service never assures you about their online service, the official site shut down because of the heavy load of customers.

BlueHost is a name of excellence and high-quality work. Their dealing is best for the clients and for their pockets. But you can be ok when you get the expert and professional service. Your all money will pay-off with the unmatchable facilities. You can get the maximum service from one of the old web hosting companies.

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